How to Install a ChameleonMini Rev.G Driver on Windows 10

May 30, 2018

The ChameleonMini Rev.G comes with factory test software out of the box. You will need to upgrade to the latest firmware first by following this guide. After you have completed these steps please follow the instructions below.


Before beginning, be sure to download the driver here.

Step 1: Connect your ChameleonMini Rev.G and power it on. 

Step 2: Open Device Manager and navigate to the Ports section.

Step 2 - Ports

Step 3: With your ChameleonMini Rev.G connected right click on the USB Serial Device (COM#). Click Update Driver.

Step 3 - Update Driver

Step 4: Click Browse my computer for driver software Step 4 - Browse my Computer

Step 5:  Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

Step 5 - Let me Pick

Step 6: Click Have Disk

Step 6 - Have Disk 

Step 7: Navigate to the location of the ChameleonMini Rev.G Driver you downloaded earlier. It should be a file in the driver folder called Drivers. Once selected click open. Step 7.1 - Browse Computer

Step 7.2 - Click Open

Step 8: Click OK and then Next. Your Proxmark3 driver should now be installing.

 Step 8.1 - Click Ok

Step 8.2 - Click Ok

Step 8.3 - Installing

Click 9: You should receive a dialog box window saying the driver was sucessfully updated. Click Close. 

 Step 9 - Success

Step 10: You should now see under ports "ChameleonMini Virtual Serial Port (COM#)".

Step 10 - Installed

Your driver is now installed correctly. You can continue the setup process by following the Getting Started Guide

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